“Next orange” – New project of the Future

Батуми, Грузия
For Sale $510 - New Buildings

Price from $510 per sq m – New project of the Future “Next orange”.

Description of the building:

On this page we present to your attention a modern residential house «Next orange».

Advantages of “Next orange” are:

  •   Close to the sea, only 200 meters from the Black Sea, or two minutes walk;
  • Developed infrastructure: at a distance of 100-350 meters there are a water park, bicycle path, free street simulators, cafes, restaurants, a supermarket Wilmart, markets, pharmacies, a mini market, a shopping and entertainment center, schools, kindergartens;
  • good location: a quiet place, fenced off from the roadway by other houses, which allows you to create around the house an atmosphere of silence and comfort with open windows even at night;
  • installed panoramic windows and high ceilings made, which will turn your apartment into a bright and spacious abode;
  • A children’s playground next to the house with a trauma-safe covering of the playing area;
  • Own service for the care of the house, thanks to which you will always enter a clean and well-kept courtyard and entrance;
  • The established system of video observation. And this means that you can observe the children on the site from your apartment, right from your smartphone and you will always be sure that your child is safe;
  • Reception / concierge, thanks to which you will be able to rent out your apartments without even being on the territory of Georgia;
  • Guarantee for the construction of a residential house, a guarantee for the built apartment, which is given to you by the construction company «next».

Prices and conditions of the acquisition:

The price for sq.m starts from $ 510.

The company also provides internal interest-free installments for a period of 15 months.
There are only 3 apartments in Next orange at the best price from $ 15,500 to $ 15,900!
1.Apartment No.13 (33.1 m2) on the 9th floor – $ 15,888;
2. Apartment No. 11 (31.1 m2) on the 12th floor – $ 15,861;
3. The apartment number 8 (29.1 m2) on the 13th floor – $ 15 423. The specified price is valid provided that 100% of the payment is made before 20.01.2018.

Characteristics of the apartment:

  • free planning
  • electricity, water, sewerage, ventilation are provided in the apartment
  • natural gas
  • windows and doors with double glazing
  • iron entrance door;
  • balcony with screed and tiled
  • places for installation of air conditioners.
  • landscaped yard;
  • completed facade;
  • 2 lifts;

Floor Plans

Plan of the floor

Property Map

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