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Батуми, Грузия
For Sale $550 - New Buildings

This new multifunctional building complex is located on the coastline of the Black Sea beach in Batumi, about 200 meter from the beach and three minutes walk from the sea.

The main thing that makes the building attractive is its location. The district, where this complex is being constructed, is the most promising and fascinating tourist and resort zone from the investment view of the city.

Mc Donalds, Dunkin Donuts (Vendy’s House, Carrefour), Goodwill (Batumi Mall), House of Justice, Ardagani Lake (Dancing Fountains), Restaurants – Sanremo, Grand Grill, Santes and others are located close to the complex, Batumi Old and New Boulevard as well. It takes one or two hours to get into the ski resorts of Gomarduli and Goderdzi in Adjara region.

Except for the existing complex, several different multifunctional projects and skyscrapers are actively being carried out nearby of the building, such as residential apartments, hotels, casinos, restaurants, café bars, night clubs, children’s and other entertaining centers, shopping centers, the biggest football stadium of the city and many other infrastructural projects.

The modern, European architecture complex  consists of two – A and B blocks with 37-storeys. 5-star International Brand Hotel with 180 hotel rooms will be located on the 1st-15th floors in A Block.

You can enjoy the magnificent and fascinating views of the sea, sunset, mountains and the city from the residential apartments. All rooms of residential apartments have its open balconies.

Apartment Purchasing Conditions

Full payment or Installment

Customer will have possibility to purchase apartment with full payment and take advantage of the discount or use 30 months internal installment with 0% interest. Down payment is 30% from the total amount of the apartment price.

Purchase and registration procedure

Citizen of any country can purchase apartments by submitting an identity card (foreigner can buy with passport). Foreign nations also have the right to use an installment with 0% interest. Real estate registration procedure takes no more than 20 minutes.

Your property rights are guaranteed and protected by us, which increases the image and reliability of our company. As soon as the apartment is purchased, it is registered into the public registry

If the customer purchases apartment with an installment, it will be concluded pre sales agreement between the parties and the buyer will be registered as a future owner of the apartment. After the payment is completed, final sales agreement will be registered and the buyer becomes full owner of the apartment.

If the customer purchases an apartment with full payment, in this case it will be concluded and registered directly final Sales Agreement between the parties and the buyer becomes full owner of the apartment.

There are no taxes on the purchase of real estate in Georgia. In case of full payment for the purchase of the apartment you will need only 56 GEL while 56+50 Gel in case of installment. It is also possible to register an apartment from another location or on the basis of Power of Attorney. After preparing the title deed by public registry, it can be checked or printed on web page All title deed have their unique bar code (Identifier), because of which it is not certified by a stamp

The employees of LLC “Batumi Center” company will assist you in all legal issues related to the purchasing of the apartment.

Apartment Features

  • “Business class” 37 storied modern residential complex (A and B Block);
  • Free planned 827 apartments, without separating partitions;
  • Underground parking for 120 cars and outside parking for 65 cars;
  • Roofs made by monolithic, reinforced concrete constructions, using modern technologies;
  • Separator walls between façade and apartments are constructed with 20cm pumice blocks;
  • Completed Roofs and Façade;
  • Completed arrangement of the yard and common spaces;
  • Covering and facing of the staircase floor – granite, entrance floor – Porcelain tiles, the entrance hall ceiling – Armstrong tiles;
  • 4 fast soundless elevators in each block (3 for passengers and 1 truck);
  • Residential apartment – surrounded with neighboring walls;
  • Metal Apartment entrance door – with wooden laminate or wooden imitation and high quality locks;
  • 3 meter height between the roofing tiles of the floors inside residential apartments;
  • All apartments with open balconies;
  • Mounted four-cell metal-plastic door/windows of the balcony with double glazed glass;
  • Installed parapets of the balconies;
  • In the corner of the balcony a special place (covered, naturally ventilated) arranged with shutters for installation of air conditioner and heating boiler;
  • Communication: electricity, water, sewage system, ventilation – entered into the apartment, natural gas pipe – entered into the apartment with additional expenses;
  • Installed counters for water and electricity; Natural gas counter with additional expenses;
  • Central wiring of cable television and internet – brought to the entrance floor;
  • Centralized system of fire detection and fire extinguishing;

Management of the Complex

Maintenance of the building and nearby territories is a necessary precondition of the company in order to have the functionality, cleanliness and attractiveness of the complex. Maintenance service includes:

  • Cleaning and maintenance of corridors and public spaces;
  • 24 hours security and video controlling;
  • Cleaning and concierge service;
  • Reception;
  • Uninterrupted function of elevators and other services;
  • The cost of the maintenance service is 15 $ per apartment.

Apartment Renting

One more detail which makes this complex more interesting for customers is European trends service. The buyer of the apartment is automatically involved in business. Any owner of the apartment can rent out their own apartments, and for more comfortable area, our company administration will ensure mentioned service

By purchasing apartments you can get significant monthly benefits from your own investments and thus eliminate the cost of the apartment in four years.

Design and Repairing

The developer offers the customers designs, repairs, furniture and full equipment of apartments – with middle, comfortable or premium class standards (according to the agreement). Owners can also renovate the apartment with their own, which is possible after completion of construction works

Construction Schedule

2018 year – Construction of reinforced concrete frame;

2019 year – Construction of reinforced concrete frame;

2020 year – Finishing works;

2021 year – Maintenance of the yard and infrastructure;

Services and Infrastructure

Multifunctional complex includes all services and infrastructure that are comfortable for your living.


  • Reception
  • Concierge
  • Security / Video Cameras
  • Technical Service
  • Cleaning of common space


  • Underground Parking
  • Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Spa
  • Fitness
  • Casino
  • Restaurants

Floor Plans

Blocks A and B

Plan Floor, block A


Plan floor, block B

Property Map

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