Useful Information

Why investing in Georgia?

1. According to the 2017 “International Doing Business” rating Georgia has 9th ranking among 190 countries in terms of ease of doing business. Also 4th palace by the simplicity of registration of new enterprises. Georgia has one of the transparent tax system and lowest tax rates in the world.
2. Gratefully to reforms, bureaucracy in Georgia is minimized, and it is also very rare to encounter corruption in this country. Registration of the company and ownership, residence permit and other legal issues are resolved very quickly in only one building called Justice House.
3. According to the Heritage Foundation’s list, Georgia ranks 13th among 180 countries in terms of the economic freedom index in 2017 ( 4. Foreigners and local people has the same laws and rules when they buy real estate.
5. The economy of Georgia is steadily growing every year. The GDP in 2017 has 5%growth rate. Also Georgian Currency called “Lari” increasingly gaining value
6. The number of tourists are constantly increasing. The population of Georgia is only 3.8 million. 7.5 million tourists visited Georgia in 2017 which is 20% more than in 2016.
7. Investing in real estate for rental income in Georgia is highly profitable investment. The payback period is an averagely 6 years with daily rental income and 10 years with monthly rental income.
8. Real estate prices rise averagely 10% per year.
9. You do not pay any taxes when you buy property in Georgia. All documents included translation and notary service and deed cost no more than $ 100.
10. The procedure for registering property takes only 1 day, you just need your passport.
11. Georgia has one of the lowest tax rate in the world. it is only 1% tax for rental income